Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Secret Agent - SECTION – II Pages 69-71

The Agent has a Place in the Scheme
The guide says that agents are required for the work of conquest.

To glibly question the guide’s omniscience or omnipotence because of that is foolish disobedience.

Electricity is everywhere, but cables, plugs and switches, lights and storage batteries etc are needed to make purposive and detailed manifestation possible.

The grace is everywhere, but agents are needed for the manifestation here on earth and as in electricity laws of the power of grace and manifestation have to be implemented.

The guide has given the manual of this.  Great project and it has to be shortly implemented and experienced.

Faith and Belief
The native is very much occupied with discussions of these words – He says:
“I believe what I actually see”
“I have blind faith.  I don’t question”
and so on
Anything but what it means in action
For the agent these discussions are not of interest
For the agent the position is clear

  1. He has willingly responded to the call of the Commander.
  2. He has simple loyalty to the Commander.
  3. He implements the orders and experiences the process and makes the territory experience the process and progress forward.
  4. For him faith and belief is action here and now with single-minded contact with the Guide.

Reasoning and Rational Logic
All reasoning and logic are not some superior power.  Reasoning and logic are the result of a certain way of life or living and bound by
its needs and the materials it has to use.  The so-called reasoning of
the Native is the product of his separative parasitic existence and the
materials like electricity or steam and so on he uses and the
lessons he gains for that purpose.  All that suits this is rational
all else is in irrational.

For the agent all that promotes the transmission of oneness and
compassion and joy and obedience to the Guide and his race is rational – all else is irrational.  His duty is to impress this rationality of his race into the territory of
occupation.  The territory has the capacity to adapt to the rationality imposed on it - all the more readily when the new rationality is so conducive to its wideness and well-being.

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