Tuesday, February 28, 2017


You have relatively little control over what comes into you through your senses or mind. But you can more easily train to make your body express your aim in life.

If you seek friends and honest and truthful people you are likely to be frustrated. But you can train your body to express friendliness, honesty, truth and compassion to the best of your body’s ability at the given time.

In training the body, the concept of Abhinaya or acting is a helpful one. An accomplished actor may be plagued by many personal worries. But when he is on stage acting the part of a Buddha he is able to organise his bodily resources to express tranquility. If the vibration of the proper emotion to be expressed is kept in view the rest of the body begins to fall in line. In the beginning it is only possible that your voluntary musculature obeys you. Gradually the so-called autonomic functions fall into place to their best ability.

Ramakrishna trance 1879

Bhava Samadhi

Remember what you want to become and BE, That.



Sapna Dhyani Devrani said...

Very interesting concept. Nice article Maám.

Gita Madhu said...

Thank you so much, Sapna. These are the writings of my father.