Monday, June 27, 2016

The Secret Agent - SECTION – II Pages 72-74

For the Native death or its fear is the excuse for the many stupid
things he does.

Actually he is the chief agent of death and all the actions he
undertakes in the name of prolonging life and its preservation can be
seen in their true colour.

(1) Wars
(2) Wholesale slaughter of other life for his food and medicines.
(3) Self punitive measures for the body.
The Native has not the slightest concern for the body which is only
his instrument for inflicting misery or expressing passions of different
kinds which provide food for himself and any other occult beings.  The
Native's fear of death is fear of losing his personal possessions and
nothing else and not love for the object possessed.

The agent knows that the body is an instrument designed to grow more and more responsive to higher harmonies - that the body has joy in
this process of transformation, that the agent and the body know that
it is constantly changing its content and never is the same for a
second, that constancy of form is proportional to its plasticity and
wideness and that the Native is the right hand of death, that with the expulsion of the Native, the illusion and fear of death will be replaced by the joy of progressive transformation and so on.

Death is a being whose prime representative on earth is the Native.

Fear is an enemy.  It is the Native's weapon of offence and defence.

The agent uses fear as a powerful force to keep his contact with the guide.

Do not fight a weapon - turn it to proper use and it will change its

Turn all enemy weapons to good purpose by directing their power to keep the cable open and constant.

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