Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Secret Agent - SECTION – II Pages 66-68

The native has trained the body to depend on words.  It stands on the same par as food and sex competing for first phase.

While food and sex probably trouble when awake and only at times ‘words’ seem to be a source of continuous waste of energy.  It is the most powerful source of waste of energy.

To overcome this – as all other things – is to link this activity as an aid to keep contact with the mains, excepting as minimum required for external contact – word and reading and verbal thought should be brought to bear on the Guide and His words, reinforcing the words with a feeling tone of joyous compassion.  Thus transforming the energy to a helper.

Reading just before bedtime.

For the Native, truth is a matter of personal prestige – profit and loss.  More untruths are spoken for the bolstering up of one’s sense of pride or self image.

The Native who pretends to follow the Guide relies on interpretations of the Guide’s words; philosophical discussion on truth take the place of true speech and action.

For instance he conveniently omits the information not to speak lies – not to speak unnecessary or harmful or hurtful truths which is another name for gossip.

There may be doubts and discussions on what is truth but to the agent there is no doubt.

For the agent, truth is in monitoring unbroken contact with the guide and to speak and act only in contact with the guide and if maintaining the contact is broken because of the external need to argue and so on, the lapse into silence of contact with the guide is the most powerful answer.

Presence and Absence
The Native is present wherever the body is and absent from wherever it is not.  Moreover even if his mental part is elsewhere self-centred, separation and mischievous thought pervades.

The agent is fully aware of his territory’s capacity to project thought without limit of time or space.  He takes full advantage of this to transmit and direct the Guide’s compassion to any point in or outside his territory and submit that area to the power of the Guide.

The power of the Guide is unlimited and present everywhere, but it is the weakness of the territory link that determines the results.

Using this faculty the agent should act as a detailed caretaker of the area that comes to his notice.  Both in outer and inner reporting the agent should train his territory to report what is seen, heard, felt etc without any admixture of personal preferences in reporting or results to be expected. 

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