Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Secret Agent - SECTION – II Pages 63-65

When in illness the native loses the little contact he pretends to have with the Guide or dilutes it with doubt, quarrelsomeness and attributing harshness, punishment to the Guide and demonstrates more and more dependence on the advocates of the Devil, so called medical sciences – all on the pretence of caring for the territory for the Guide’s sake and subjects the body to further and further punishment and spreads the misery to as many around as possible.

In trouble:
The agent goes deeper, deeper, higher and higher, nearer to Guide.
The native goes outer and outer and lower and lower and further and further away.




  1. You have responded to the call because you are an agent.  You have not been called to prepare yourself to be an agent.
  2. You have been called to take control and prepare the territory for occupation by the new race your guide and you are.
  3. The territory is the bit of organised earth called your body to which you have been assigned.
  4. You are asked to take control because it is now in the control of the present native.
  5. This native will fiercely resist you at every step by every possible weapon and trick.
  6. Right from this moment you should know who you are and who the native is and how to detect the disguises.  Remember the native has been in charge for thousands of years and the territory has learnt to obey and serve him.
  7. In controlling the territory both the agent and native will be signing the orders with the word ‘I’ and that being the source of all confusion, forgery should be checked by careful scrutiny of the signature and its signs and water marks.  To prevent forging of the signature is the main task of the agent.
  8. Here is a crucial list of the distinguishing marks of the signatures which lie in the effects they produce on the territory.

Native’s I Agents’ I

1.  I and the world, I against the world. 2.  I am the world
    World is for my use and enjoyment.
    Often Camouflaged as I serve the world.


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