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The Secret Agent - SECTION – II Pages 60-62

Be Switched to the Mains
A model of system of lenses and mirror
I  Diagram
Small concave mirror – immediately reflecting whatever it receives
Area of influence is small.

Native reacts, reflects constantly giving answer apparently suitable for one person
II  Diagram
Agent transmits or reports constantly to a huge computer which gives answer suitable for a larger area of time and space.

But instead of being a small concave mirror it becomes a transparent concave lens then the reflector behind can throw light and influence on a much larger area.
How to maintain contact
Enlarge contact
Not to lose contact
Experience the different degrees of presence and absence of contact is THE TASK
Loss of contact: Loss of energy

Fear etc

What Will Auroville Be Like?
Much has been written about its physical structure – buildings and so on and scientific conveniences and inventions etc.

The native cannot correlate this picture with the altered relationship with the environment as a whole which the agent is to represent.

The agent’s task is to obey.
(a)  To be in separately with the Guide.
(b)  To express love and oneness – to make the territory express this vibration of love and truth and harmony at all places.
Wear and Tear of the Territory
Wear and tear occurs.
The Native calls it disease and writes volumes on it, being its author and promoter and also enjoyer.
The agent sees it as an impersonal problem of harmony to be solved by recourse to a higher harmony and energy.  He sees wear and tear as a resistance of the territory to the induction of a higher harmonies impinging on it, its resistance as a result of inertia acquired in the history of its long occupation by a native who resists change into a wider state of being.

Where there is disharmony or illness its origin can be seen by the effect.

  1. The native exploits it to the full to further inflate his self importance.
  2. Not only he appears to be losing some energy, but he has the effect on people around also becoming miserable and lose energy.

The parasitic effect and its spreading effect demonstrate the source of the disease as due to a hostile, parasitic vibration, which the native easily invites and to which he sacrifices the body.

The agent, however, is sensitive to this and when there is disease.
  1. He maintains his joyous attitude.
  2. He continues to be a donor of joy and comfort to others.
  3. He is kind and encouraging to the body and its parts.
  4. He continues to express joy and relaxed happiness through all the parts of body and being that obey him and isolates the bad vibration from spreading.  He learns the techniques.
  5. He more than ordinarily goes to a deeper contact with the Guide.

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