Wednesday, July 06, 2016

The Secret Agent - SECTION – II Pages 99-100

Difference between agent and non-agent or pseudo-agent who both claim allegiance to the same guide.

When a report is made to the C.C. or Guide and something happens the differences appear:-

If something happens as desired by the person, or as pleases the person, the non-agent says ‘By the Grace of Guide I have got financial grant for my project, or it has rained or I have been save from illness’.

If the thing does not happen or happens to be not as desired or as pleases the person he will exclaim –

“The guide has been unkind – has forgotten me – or the time for Grace has not come and so on”.

The true agent who is ever at the listening post or C.C. or Guide is naturally aware of the ever present Grace and does not judge the action that takes place.  He says nothing or says “By the Grace this has happened – or by the Grace this has not happened – but never the Grace has not yet come and so on”.

It is the mental component which pretends to be a servant of the Guide, but subtly tries to be paid for his service or use the Guide for his purposes and judges all actions accordingly.  He is a foreigner.

The true agent belongs to the Guide, actually is an extension of the Guide and his race and has no separate judgement or questioning.  He is continuously at the C.C. and continuously in action and continuously pleased.
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