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The Secret Agent - SECTION – II Pages 96-98

The Global Significance of Self-Change and Power of Love

A fish in sea water does not become salty.

This selective permeability of surfaces is the keynote in biological evolution of forms.

In plant and animal this property is fairly stable.  Also in the purely biological physical base of man (? even so, idea vs. form leaves some scope for modification).

However coming to the transaction of subtler energies man is a transitional being and e.g. in mental formations the permeability is poorly defined.  Thus for thoughts and emotions the following illustration:

= -ve
= +ve

Anger or depression sex etc are a sea of environment – constantly the source of such feelings or thoughts in man, who in turn excretes these feelings back into this flux.

  1. A man who is constantly learning to throw the negative influences of greed, anger, depression, sex etc is strengthening the property of selective permeability of his surface of contact, is fighting a whole environment.

  1. A man trying to change the other is wasting his efforts.

  1. When sufficient potential is gained the single man (Avatar) has a more global effect.

  1. The opposite of this is to see that the permeability only allows love and compassion – The more this is developed the more the individual is filled with sweetness like fish in sea.

  1. It is the quantity of such individual points of pure love that would lay the foundation for the new mutation in species.

  1. The one seeking self change systematically need not feel humble and small.
  1. He will continue like a Divine Laundry Worker.

Why the Avatar’s Limited Success

  1. Because the importance of self change was ignored

  1. The Avatar expressed love.

The followers preached love and become priests and so-called religious heads they began witch-hunting and devising ways of punishing and ostracising those who did not conform to their codes of values and rituals and made themselves handmaidens of governments, reformations and so on.

They have not been interested in the real issue the Avatar represented – the issue of transformation of species, which the Avatar came to represent.  In their lives the Avatar represented such unconditional love to so-called sinner and other alike.  The wretched priests became the henchmen of law and their ministration to the sinner were more subtly and brutally cruel than the whippings of the law.  They represent nothing qualitatively new.

The kingdom of Heaven is only possible for those who take personal responsibility for their own fitness and the law of the Avatar’s race is unconditioned compassion and is the transforming force.

True Compassion (Love) Liberates
Hatred Binds

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