Monday, July 04, 2016

The Secret Agent - SECTION – II Pages 93-95

The agent and his vehicle phenomenological notes.
Notes on the dynamics and mechanics of repair
Key Statements
  1. Native studies anatomy, physiology, or requires facts regarding the body.  Gathers facts – treats the problem on the analogy of the car or plane he himself has made.
  2. The central fact that he himself has not made the body, has no share in its design is conveniently forgotten – and the rest of the ever-changing clusters of facts are applied to the management of the body.
  3. When he himself designs a complex machine, he introduces central control.

In the human machine too, the native engineers recognise the importance of controls.  They progressively report their so-called discoveries of centres – breathing, hunger, thinking emotion, integration, sleep, consciousness and so on.

But they fail to notice that in the human machine, the highest control called ‘I’ is something from which all else flows and that this I cannot be encompassed by any possible combination of its subordinate parts and since it cannot be apprehended by them, they say it is an illusion or at best a fluctuating expression of some subordinate point.

For the agent the ‘I’ is the key control and all other questions about the machine can only be effectively understood in the context of this ‘I’.  The nature of this ‘I’ can only be comprehended by a detailed phenomenological study.

The agent knows that friendliness is a vibration that is transmitted and received.  He knows that he has come to make his body to transmit and receive only love and oneness, friendliness and so he expresses and seeks friendliness whenever and wherever he is.  He tries to become Ajatasatru.

He by repeated experience gets to know the immense organising power of this vibration.

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