Friday, July 15, 2016

The Secret Agent - SECTION – II Pages 118-120

 On pranayama – Scripture Reading

(Oh, I am bored with the same statement)
 Thought – Speech – Action

On the importance of not doing the wrong thing
not uttering the wrong word
Crystallise the formation

Methods of Delineation of ‘I’
  1. Inquiry not this, not this.
  2. Extension – That is I.  That is I.  All is I.
  3. Extension into the cosmic elements air etc. ether etc Mental imagery and feeling tone.
  4. Identification – unitary with one thing
Mother – Love – Silence – Peace, etc.
& acting stationed on one or the other and potentiating by practice so that attitude can be evoked instantaneously as the posture for all other activity.
  1. Ramana Maharishi’s Method.

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