Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Two men are sailing, each in his own row boat.

The waters become turbulent and the boats are rocking. One of the men is coming more and more to the edge of his boat, and with his oar he is trying to pat the waves and subdue them. The boat overturns and he is probably drowned.

The second man is quietly moving to the centre of the boat, and letting the boat and himself adjust to the rhythm of the waters. He is likely to survive.

On the ocean of life  we are sailing, each with his own little boat. Most of us are engaged in rushing to the edge of our craft in order to subdue the waves that are tossing us about. These risk being drowned in misery. A few move to the centre of their own being  and allow adjustments  to the rhythms before pretending to steer or row. These seem to enjoy their sailing.

Monday, October 10, 2016


Consciousness, like electricity, can only be known by its perceivable consequences. What comes to my awareness has consequences for me, what I call Me. Many questions may be put - ‘Does it mean that what you are not aware of has no consequences for you? If you are in deep sleep and someone hits you, has it no consequences for you? Or someone anaesthetises you and does something to you, has it no effect on you?

Well, the answer has to be experienced by the particular  'I’ asking the question. My answer is that what does not come to my awareness has no consequence for me. It may have consequences for my body; it may have effect on someone else's awareness; or some other layers of awareness. I have consequence on that which comes to my awareness and that which comes to my awareness has consequence for Me.

My body comes to my awareness, and becomes an instrument of experiencing and expressing my awareness.

All that comes to my awareness is my territory. Whether I am to be master or slave of this territory is another question. It is the interaction between Me and the territory of My awareness that is at the root of harmony or disharmony.

Let me therefore get to know all that comes to my awareness and what I can do with it, before I begin tackling other’s awareness. Let me first know what to do with the domestic electrical appliances before I tinker with the main lines, transformers and so on.

Let me not waste time on philosophical questions of who I am. I am the one who gets up every morning saying: I will have
coffee instead of tea; I am gay or sad; I will settle someone's hash; or I will help him, and so on. I have to understand more and more about my own awareness, for it seems to me that awareness is the matrix for all that happens to me or through me.

Saturday, October 08, 2016


I cannot comprehend abstractions.

I have to make an operational formulation of this word Truth.

1. Truth is accuracy and precision.
2. Truth is appropriateness.
3. Truth about the environment means correspondence with the environment.
4. My body can register and respond as an instrument, only to those aspects to which it resonates, which are on the same wavelengths.
5. Anukampa, to vibrate with, is the Sanskrit word for compassion; and that is why Truth is equated to Compassion.
6. A truthful person is compassionate and vice-versa.
7. Truth leads to harmony.

Truth, merely as a part statement of some one aspect or other of a situation, and whose utterance leads to hate, hurt, suffering or disharmony, devoid of compassion is falsehood. To tell someone, “Excuse me, I am being frank, but you are ugly”, is one of the many variations of the disastrous behaviour of so-called professional truth speakers, a set of professional troublemakers.

Gita speaks of truth as austerity of speech - unexciting utterance, friendly, helpful.

Christ speaks of truth tempered with mercy.

 8. There are various levels of truth of one’s own being.

For the present, truth for me  represents from the point of action of speech Accuracy of report, Appropriateness to the context, Compassion, Harmony. If any of these elements is lacking, Silence is truth.