Wednesday, May 02, 2018


What do you think of a typewriter, if when you press one key, a dozen keys jump up?

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Similar is the case with a man in whom some single thought, emotion or perception evokes undifferentiated mass reactions. From the general reaction of an earthworm to a pinprick, to the whole repertoire of differentiated reactions to a pinprick in man, is the jump that has become possible by the evolution of the nervous system. In fact, your education has been made possible by the fact that you have an apparatus, your brain and body that makes differentiated responses possible. Your cerebral cortex needs to be educated, not only in knowing that 2+2=4, but also that you need not react with hyperacidity whenever someone criticises you.

You can go to a school of Hatha Yoga or a Buddhist monastery or a behavioural therapy unit for days to learn that your own brain has some say in the matter. All this is only another sophisticated way of putting your own car at the disposal of some special Yoga or Guru or Scientific Therapy to perpetuate the basic error - to put your very special vehicle at the disposal of experts who are highly specialised versions of average knowledge of others.

Why should a single word uttered by someone make you jump and swear and damage your heart and lungs and stomach and lose sleep and appetite, excepting that you have been systematically pampered and trained to behave thus, considering that your reversion to the level of an earthworm is the hallmark of your claim to be a truly normal man, that is to say, average man.

If you want to be really free of the lack of freedom you complain of, have love and respect for the most wonderful machine you have been given - your body.


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