Monday, May 28, 2018


This is to thank you and you who sowed these thoughts in me and woken me up to new horizons in human health:

Krishna; Buddha; Christ; Ramakrishna; Ramana Maharshi; Krishnamurthi; Alice in Wonderland; Winnie Pooh the bear of little brains; Ivan Illych; Schumacher; Hertzog who scaled the Annapurna; Scott who lies buried in the Antarctic, as a living symbol to show the near irrelevance of Vitamin C to how a human being can behave; Lawrence of Arabia who investigated the question of hunger and thirst and walking barefoot on hot sands; President Kennedy , who with an injured back swam the sea to save fellow-men in utter ignorance of facts like pH values of blood as measured in a hospital bed; Mihir Sen; to the men  who have trained themselves to defy gravity and soar into space; and all those who in their different pursuits gave expression to man's urge to exceed himself, and dared to break through the gravity of professional and doctrinal dissertations on what man can and cannot do - all these and others, who explore the behavioural space of man.

To Sri Aurobindo and Mother Mira who give content and meaning to my work and set me on the road in quest of personal autonomy.


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