Wednesday, December 27, 2017


Science is a glorified name given to the greatest common factor among the largest number of similarly trained individuals.

To attempt to subject the whole of the universe to this average consensus, however sophisticated, is what creates increasingly tragic consequences.

Botany is the art of making bigger and better trees to be cut up and sold or look at for the benefit of man and his exact prototype, his grandson. It is not the science of trees.

Zoology is the art of producing better and fatter pigs for the table of man. It is not the science of pigs.

Nuclear physics is the art of making bigger and better bombs or giving cheap light to millions who cannot clearly see even in broad daylight. It is not the science of the world around us.

Then what is science? The total man - the man with the ‘I’ owning responsibility for its own body, interacting with the trees, the animals, and man, and the world around, is the foundation of scientific man. This, too, is a process of practice and inquiry which some have undertaken in the past and might continue to do. For such a man objective science, too, becomes a part of the world around him and he deals with it in his quest.


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