Wednesday, May 10, 2017


How long should I continue with the practice of one or the other methods of self-realisation? 

The answer is simple.

Everyday, I or someone else sweeps and cleans my house. Unless I live in some sort of hermetically sealed museum, this daily cleaning is unavoidable. By the laws of entropy everything tends to fall to pieces or decay if nothing is done to provide energy for the maintenance of its organised form. A broom is a constant requirement - a broom of some kind or other; broom, all the same, whatever name.

You don’t ask: when shall I stop having to use a broom?

Same is the case with the mansion of my awareness. As long as ‘I’ exist, I need to keep the mansion of my awareness in the condition of comfort and coziness ‘I’ demand from it. With increasing practice, my skill with the broom might improve, or I might devise and acquire a better broom: the functional necessity of the broom remains. Moreover, the mansion of my awareness is an open house: I still have not acquired the means or power to shut its doors at will. So, many visitors, wanted and unwanted, get in and get out, and stay at their will and whim, without much consulting my convenience. If I have to live without being stifled in my own house in these conditions, the broom and its frequent use becomes all the more necessary.

It might take more time and labour to master the locks and doors of my house.

I, who take so much care of my drawing room, have to take at least equal care of the rooms of my awareness, which is ‘My’ real abode, asleep and awake.


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