Thursday, August 11, 2016


What is the world?

The world is what I see, hear, taste, smell or touch; what I feel and think about it; what influence it has on me or I on it; what I do to it and what it does to me; and again I can infer the results of my actions on the world and its actions on me only by means of my eyes, ears, etc. and other organs. Again, when I say,my feelings, my thoughts, my mind, my consciousness, it is only by the various actions and changes that take place in my body that I infer their existence, and append an appropriate name learnt by my body.

Do you know the world, what you call the world, by any other means than by the actions and reactions of the various organs of your body?

There may be some who may claim to do so.

Are you one of them?

If not, know that what you mean by the world is the integral sum of actions and reactions of your own body; and the truth you know is the truth of your own perceptions. When you say that the wold is like this or like that, you mean that your reactions are like this or like that.

YOU ARE THE WORLD. For all practical purposes, you are the world. You might try to change and rearrange your own reactions and change your world. If you have no control over your own reactions, it is nonsense to say that you can control and change the world in any real sense, meaningful to you.

You are the world.

You are responsible for your world.

Meditate for a few minutes on the different reactions of yourself and your friends to the same circumstances, and how rarely they agree. Each one is apparently talking of the same world, but is in fact talking of his world, which is himself. You need not sit years in a Himalayan cave to know this and act on this basic knowledge.

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