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The Secret Agent - SECTION – II Pages 87-89


This faculty of the territory is used differently by the native and the agent.

It is the point of action – like the end of an arrow or the point of a drill, or the contact point of an electric needle.

The native guides the attention to the sources of his personal pleasures and hates and fears.

The agent’s attention is constantly guided by the Guide – since the agent constantly reports back the point of attention.  The agent simultaneously uses this point of attention to transmit compassion and oneness.

Whatever be the information that flows through the agent, it comes out from him as compassion and oneness.

 Violent Action

The native, pretending to serve the guide, makes excuses for his personal violence in thought, speech or action quoting the actions and words of some guide or other.  He conveniently forgets the many other injunctions and instructions of the guides or guide.
Till the emotion of hatred, separate personal preference, in fact till the least trace of the Native’s influence is eradicated the Agent should beware of violence in thought, speech or action and should not easily permit his territory to be used for such a purpose.
Report back faithfully all that happens, all the areas of conflict and so on and let the guide act – limiting your action to the most harmonious least violent channel as is demanded by the occasion.  Under conditions of inner conflict even stubborn silent inaction, silence settled in the Guide can be most effective.
The agent is asked to be in contact and report and to transmit love and oneness and has not been asked to reward, reform or punish the world.
What the guide does or does not do in these matters is not the business of agent to know or question.  
What a policeman or soldier in external life and who also considers himself an agent should or should not do can be conveniently left to him and his guide.  This is only to say that violence or hate is so much the character of the native and for so many centuries inducted into the body, that

the native and territory in his control can most easily express v, h, f, d, s, m, and that the agent must be on his guard for the forgery of signature when these emotions clamour for expression in the name of some righteous cause or other.
Stay with the guide and let rightness decide for itself.

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