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The Secret Agent - SECTION – II Pages 127

Relation between the agent and the territory
We have seen how a force can get the matter necessary to manifest itself and use it further - transformation of more matter to its shape.  The force by itself may not be able to influence a large area – but through one function it can influence more.
1st level Pieces
     1     2             3            4
A     E.F. comes from somewhere and magnetises the first
This EF1 has no effect on the other iron pieces by itself
         S   1          2         3     4
After One Day Say
This first magnet by its
influences begins slowly
magnetising the 2nd  
- The 2nd to 3rd and so on
After a Month

  That is the value of Satsanga given by our ancients who recognised force and field.  “One hour in the company of good man is equal to years of study” - Sufi………..

That is why an Avatar once in a thousand years gives rise to very powerful Vibhuti once a hundred years and good men – and the world is still swimming.
Contd 50 (a)

Contd 50 (a)
Now take the same example.

These iron pieces are surrounded by junk in between, partly of iron also.

No effect because the
junk in between absorbs all the force.

An hour in Satsanga is counteracted   by hours in company of fools.

Moreover man’s mind is the junk yard.  Though a man may be near an Avatar himself for years, he may remain the same.  The Avatar does not work by magic.  Also he does not work, he does not do anything.  He is a force and the force has its laws.  This force acts on that bit of a person that responds to it and that portion does respond.  But that portion is surrounded and allowed to be surrounded by a whole junk of mental content brought by the Native.  The agent is the portion that responds to the call and the continuous ‘I am an agent’ helps in keeping junk out and become a transferring force and transmit too.

That is why ‘M’ said it is not money that is wasted – it is the huge amount of consciousness force that she generously gave and has been squandered away to serve the Native.

Remove the junk and the force does the rest.

B & Rebirth help the agent to acquire more and more the subtle base necessary to conquer more and more of territory more easily.

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