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The Secret Agent - SECTION – II Contd

                        This is a method where by all available force is focussed on a chosen point of action.  This has a peculiarity.  Not only the area chosen is effectively acted upon, but the greater the degree of concentration, the larger is the area around it which is influenced by such concentration.  It appears paradoxical but is true.  The following is a diagram which may not explain but illustrates the point.
                A. Concentration,  
 IDEA – I       choosing 
                    one point for processing   
                A disorganised field of matter 
               Concentration begins to show a pattern – not only at centre but outside also

            The whole field is perfectly organised
 B.  Effect of 
number of 
points simultaneously 
used for focussing
 Not only a number of points are chosen for focussing, but these keep shifting and the whole field is disorganised. Take the example of a mixture of sand and iron filings.

A.        Introduce one magnet below and leave in one place for a while
           The iron gets a shape and automatically the sand also

B.        Put 2 or 3 magnets or keep shifting.  See what happens

Turn Pieces of Iron
First one magnetised by electricity
Second one slowly becoming magnet

The way one piece of iron can influence another is by itself becoming a magnet.  There is no other way in its own hand.

              Concentration is power.  Concentrating on power or for power is something else.  When the native sits for concentration, he complains of fatigue after a little while or headaches and so on. It is because his ego does not want to miss anything and keeps focussing on many points at same time.  Then the poor body is stimulated purposelessly at many points and fatigue results.  Moreover the native wants to grab some miraculous powers or other and his mind is concentrating on the benefits of concentration, like having visions or hearing voices and so on, instead of on concentration itself.

              The agent practices concentration because it helps the base to work better, because of implicit obedience to the spirit of his instructions from the guide.  He pays attention to the objective which is to make his territory a happy, relaxed and joyful subject of the Master, becoming more and more fit for the occupation.  If 'concentration' is causing tension or fatigue, he at once knows that the native is in charge.  He corrects the attitude, relaxes all that he can and joyfully widens his feeling state.  He transforms all hostile and inimical thoughts into thoughts of love and goodwill.  He remembers the qualities of his Master which are love and oneness.  Skilfully he draws all the faculties of the base to the guide and his likeness.  His concentration is on the guide and his qualities, throughout the day and night as much as he can, but more alertly at the fixed times.

                        The agent knows that his guide is a power and that he himself represents something of it and that there is nothing to be done and that the field will organise itself.  It is the mental counterpart that uses the word 'I concentrate – and in brackets for my own purpose' and gets into troubles.  This mental part has the capacity to select and discriminate – for it prefers clean water to dirty water.  So it should be told that all it has to do is to see that thoughts and attitudes contrary to the Master Race do not creep in – for instance when a magnet is nearby the iron filings arrange themselves.  But the mental being in possession puts stones in the way, or otherwise, tries to alter the field for its own purpose and design.  It has to be told that if it can put stones, it can also remove them.  It should be told that it is not doing any favour to the power magnet by pretending to help it by words like concentration – but actually putting more stones in the way.

                       So concentration, as our guide put it, is to widen ones case to cosmic harmonies.

                        Concentration by native is equal to constriction.

                        Concentration by agent is widening and relaxed surrender.

                        Concentration by agent is a constant discrimination so that the whole base is filled with feelings of love and oneness, contrary feelings are transformed or neglected and the parts are filled with the likeness of the Master.

                        An agent is always engaged in this sole task.  But when he says 'I will meditate' he means that he will pay detailed attention to the various parts of his territory and lovingly induces a state of joy and compassion into them.

                        Concentration for the agent is, therefore, the single-minded task of infusing his territory and its occupants with a feeling tone of compassion, joy and oneness.  Hitherto his territory has for thousands of years, been occupied by natives who have infused it with hatred, fear and constriction.

                        The territory itself is neutral and has the capacity to discriminate.  It can express hate.  It can express love and oneness.  Hate kills it.  Constriction makes it ill.  Love gives it life and wide oneness gives it health.

                        Concentration by the native almost always means a fierce constriction and troubling of the body for some implied personal gain of power and so on.

One Guide Said:
                        First Puja, then Japa, then OM, then Bhava of Prema.  When this becomes constant, no other practice becomes necessary.

                        Love and oneness – magic of our golden change.


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