Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Secret Agent - SECTION – I THE AGENT


1.      This is a matter of self-discovery or self-revelation or Self-realisation which is immediate.

2.      You are an agent or you are not an agent.  There are no gradations. An agent may remain for long confused as to his identity.  A non-agent may for varying periods succeed in believing or making others believe he is an agent.  But the distinction is clear. 

3.      Your area of operation is that bit of territorial matter called `The Body’.

B.  Guidelines to recognise agent status:-
1.  The agent:  From very early childhood feels alien – the ways of the world around perplex and fail to impress – the world around including his own body is felt as foreign territory, and himself as an occupant, emigrant, emissary from Somewhere else – Many such broken up, destroyed or deformed in the conflicts of adjustment – a few survive in a very distorted form, and only late in life regain something of the agency.

                        One in a thousand years came with open declaration of agency, and left an impress for the benefit of other agents.  Their work and words may and do benefit everything else also, but that is a by-product of the superior force of the culture of the level of being they represent.  They are perhaps the advance guides for other agents.

                        Their talk and concern is about the Kingdom to come, the new race, the preparation for it.  Their talk and behaviour has nothing in common with the right and wrong, profit and loss motives of the present occupants and so-called masters of the earth.  Their concern is not for mastery or over lordship of the earth, or perpetuation of man’s over lordship but the loving Stewardship and Service of all beings, and preparation of a base.

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