Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Walker, Ram and Joan summarised thus:

I. Kingdom to Come: Available cues; Possible routes:
            (1) Laughter at situations that ordinarily provoke righteous anger, synchronised with entry                       into KTC.
            (2) Beating one's head trying to concoct coherent reports out of what truly remained                                   incoherent, coincided with exit from KTC.
            (3) There was a Queen who laughed at material gains and losses. What was she after?
            (4)  KTC is Compass. but!

II. Past experience in travelling and direction finding:
            (1) Travelled in the direction of laughter and fun without malice.
            (2)  Considered that an objective was what one reached. This reduced anxiety and promoted                        clear perception to make the best of what was reached.
             (3)  Travelled away from ugliness and cruelty.
             (4)  Direction finds itself if mind is quiet.

Hari, Sankar, Domby and I read the secondary summary:

I. Kingdom to Come: Available cues and possible routes:
            (1) Fervent prayer and intense aspiration to be utterly different from the average man and his ways - different in an upward way, coincided with entry into KTC.
            (2) Badly wanting to own things coincided with exit from KTC.
            (3) Badly wanting to organise other people coincided with exit from KTC.

II. Previous experience in travelling and direction finding:
            (1) Travellings and meetings happened.
            (2) Questions about directions and routes brought answers but no knowledge of same.
            (3) Kindness helped knowing and growing.
            (4) SOHAM - He is I finds directions.

Note: SOHAM can be written as HAMSA - I am He!

HAMSA also means the SWAN, the pure and free traveller.

Everyone agreed that the reports could be pinned together, and no summary was necessary.

"Well", said one; "Well", said another, and so on till this mantra was repeated by all of us.

"Then, let us go," said Walker. "This is an expedition - objectives: Kingdom To Come, discovery of, Gosh, like discovery of Atlantis! No less; an expedition into the unknown - not exactly though, since some of us had just a peep into it. We have sheets of information - more than Columbus had! Launch her, Hai, ho!"

"Sounds exciting, but an expedition has to have a name," said Joan.

"Soham," said Domby.

"Hamsa," I said, "Why not, Hamsa, the Swan, the traveller. And it finds its own directions!"

So HAMSA it was, the expedition to the KINGDOM TO COME!

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