Monday, February 15, 2016


This morning Walker went up to see the Compass by himself. Somehow, he was moody and not very talkative. This kingdom to come has got him alright.

We had the day on our hands. We decided to take our lunches packed and walk about the countryside. There was a lake nearby and we strolled that way. There was little talk; everything was quiet and peaceful, and we understood one another.

Only when we sat down beside the lake, having spread out our lunch, did we talk of many things, of things seen, known and guessed.

We talked of spirits and ghosts, and of rebirth and so on. Modern physics seemed a boon, for we felt we could explain so many things with it - the same thing the scientists do, too. The only point was that we firmly believed that rebirth occurred; that ghosts existed, that beings other than the overtly visible were there, that there were different planes of consciousness or energy from which they came; that man was influenced by all these things passively unless his own consciousness heightened; that man’s destiny was to overreach himself; 
and things like that. We did not require the help of physics for that. We had as much faith in the words of great spiritual teachers, as much as a science student had in the words of a scientist who said he walked on the moon, without questioning him, and our own ways of confirming our beliefs.

If a man slept on a mattress one could get a picture of the heat pattern by infra-red photography of the mattress days after the man had left the place - so they say. If that is the case what could not be said of the powerful energy-formations that must develop and crystallise around a person over his lifetime; could they not survive after the material body had dissolved. We agreed it could. Then we agreed on many things more - trees could have memories, stones could have memories, and some persons who know the code and a proper receiving consciousness could read this memory. Nonsense, say the professors; of course one has to wait for the professors to be the first to demonstrate the memory potential of crystals and molecules! Oh, no, but man cannot do it! Well each to his madness, and we agreed that it was waste of time translating our experiences and ideas into the language of current scientific usage. After all electricity existed before they named it. We also declared that the lunch was good and walked back to the camp.

The idea that man himself is a communicating instrument, with capacity to receive, store and transmit information, and that information in the final analysis is vibration of different kinds, corresponding to energies of different types seemed to help in knowing man’s behaviour from a wider angle. That man can be looked upon as a field of forces and vibrations was an interesting idea.

Once I saw a village juggler who showed us three statuettes one of Rama, Sita and Ravan. Sita was mounted on a revolving platform. He would bring Rama near Sita, and at once Sita’s face turned towards him. When he brought Ravan, the demon, near here, her face turned away. This greatly intrigued us children, and we thought we understood everything when we found out that the juggler had cleverly arranged magnets in the statuettes. But only now did I understand that the juggler was demonstrating a truth of human behaviour - that they too were behaving in as helpless a fashion, subject to the field of forces they had around themselves. It appeared also that awareness or consciousness seemed to give control over behaviour of this kind.

We also guessed that when two or more people meet not only are there resultant fields of forces, but there are also energy exchanges taking place all the time, explaining the effect, exhilarating or depressing, people had on one another, even in absence of any verbal exchanges. Was there something in the idea of vampirism? Was it not true that one felt utter peace in the presence of some saintly persons? It was a most helpful thing to be aware of this subtle energy exchange when persons meet. Sankar thought that this could be the basis of some so-called spiritual healings. 

Many interesting things came to be talked about.

We agreed that being, knowing, changing and becoming happened and we agreed to let it happen.

We had our lunch and we walked to the camp - what about tomorrow? Well, tomorrow’s happenings!

Why are our tomorrows often similar to our yesterdays, at least for many people. We had to stand and talk about it. It came to us to know that the dead leaves of our yesterday’s memories are the manure of our tomorrow’s tree. If we do sift our memories and retain only the sweet and fragrant, our tomorrow will bear roses. If we let our memories retain the stones and weeds our tomorrow’s tree will be a thorn bush.

Our tomorrow shall be roses!

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