Wednesday, September 09, 2015


"Take them to the zoo, of course!" That is the best thing to do. I had been seeing, now and then, all sorts of creatures in others, and was wondering how they were coping with them. Now I have a cart load myself. I was looking intently at the things bustling inside me and puzzling things out when the young doctor patted me on the shoulder and wanted to know what the matter was with me.

"Thimmy, I thought you were improving and that it was one cat you got fixed with. Now you say you have lots of all sorts of things inside you. Are you taking any drugs or what? Things like Hashish, Bhang, and so on. You are an educated man, that I can see. Sometimes, the things you say seem to be full of some deep meaning, I feel that. By the way, how did you know that the old goat was going in for an accident - he is in hospital, now, slipped and fell in the bathroom - and all that. Uncanny, I say, I must apologise for calling you mad and so on. But why not let us have a talk. But, first tell me, do you really see these things or are you dreaming?" he asked.

"These are starving, poor things. But how to feed them? Would milk and buns do? What about meat? proteins, vitamins and all that, those tables you made me copy out for your patients. Can you advise me? For instance, how do you feed that lost sheep that is peeping from inside you?" I asked.

"Thimmy, you are impossible. I don't see any sheep, though I feel like one, perhaps. But pay attention to my question. Are these real, or are you imagining or dreaming?" he insisted.

"Big words, doctor. I do not know. All I can say is that I see what I see, hear what I hear, feel what I feel, and I am to take care of what I see, hear and feel. No think, that's Thimmy. Doctor, if you feel like a lost sheep then you are a lost sheep and you take care of the poor thing." I replied.

"That's nonsense, Thimmy. Or, oh, no, I begin to feel something wonderful when you put it like that. Yes, by god, something in that. "I feel like a lost sheep. Therefore, I am a lost sheep. I am to take care of it." Fine, but if I am a lost sheep, then how can I look after it! Who is to look after it? Answer me that," said the doctor.

"Oh, no, there is a monkey peeping out of you and a few inside me, too. Too many questions, that's what. No questions, that's Thimmy or was it its Master. Who am I! Who is I," I repeatedly screamed as hundreds of monkeys began tearing up my inside. They calmed down when I felt that they needed looking after and bananas.

The doctor nearly jumped out of his seat when I screamed, but burst out laughing when I said,"They need bananas - not questions or answers, really."

"The big chief says that I should take them to the zoo. What to do, doctor, you haven't told me, at least about feeding this collection?" I persisted.

"Oh, if you are so serious, it is just a matter of so many grams per kilogram of body weight, according to age, weight, height, wear and tear and sex and a few simple things like that. Of course you have seen our food tables at the kitchen. You need not worry since they were originally worked out on mice and elephants and seeing schedules in our kitchen should not alarm you. Damn it all Thimmy, you have brought me to the edge of a precipice - I can't help feeling. But just now I don't see what I can add to the chief's advice - looks like the ZOO!" He stalked out of the room, with hunched shoulders, hands behind his back; a lost sheep trailing saffron robes.

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