Thursday, February 19, 2015


Ceasing to have a name, 'I' thought that naming was a stupid and cruel joke. But 'I' confronted with another 'I' found matters more than a joke. It was a torture not to know which 'I' imposed on which 'I'. Better give them a label: Krishna and Mohan. Getting rid of one name, 'I' found the imperative need for two.

Soon Krishna and Mohan were shouting and screaming at each other 'imposter'. Matters got worse as night deepened-Krishna claimed he was Mohan and Mohan claimed he was Krishna. Both had the benefit of a sound education and polished manners. So they did not become vulgarly abusive. Both felt the need for rational, civilised discussion and decision. But this did not start off smoothly. Even as they decided to do it, both found themselves in a heap at the foot of a tree, leaning against it with head drooping on chest.

"Hey," shouted one of them, "not here-so close to the bushes. Get a move on.!"

"Shut up," said the other, "you are trying to change the subject. Fear is a conditioned reflex-but, first, this is not a bad spot for a quiet discussion."

Then, a strident voice said, "Shut up, both of you. I want to rest and I don't care if there are snakes, and I care less if conditioned reflexes with teeth in them eat me up. I don't care for your jabber about food or germs or stars, or if you starve to death with or without a name." It was immediately apparent to both of them, Krishna and Mohan, that they were helpless in the presence of this third imposter-who also called himself 'I', or was it the leg or was it the head which called out. "Shut up, shut up," said the third voice once again.

Thus while Krishna and Mohan were still undecided as to who was who, a third sprung himself on them. Putting aside their personal differences, they decided to label this intruder before they dealt with him any further, and even as they decided that Manohar would do they all ceased to be.

All was silence.

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