Monday, February 16, 2015


I remember that he did not usually discuss his preoccupations with others. But he must have known that he could change his name by suitable legal action. However, the question, for him, was deeper than that-what was at first a mere dislike for the graphics of Krishna became a rebellion at the absence of choice. What irked him was not the bother of legal action. What hurt was a sense of suffocation; that  a lot of busy-bodies had to agree that he call himself this or that before they gave him bread, bread for work he did, not his name. People ranted about freedoms and fundamental rights. But it was quite funny that a body could not even name himself what and when he liked.

First, they bring him forth into the world-yes, bring him forth; from where? No choice. Then they stick a name, same as a slave is branded-what else, if not as a slave for identification and ownership.

It was at about this time I met him, face to face, wandering at the foothills. I do not remember what took me there. I called, "Hello, Krishna, what brings you here?"

He looked blank.

I said, "Hello, Mohan what is the matter with you?"

He looked blanker. Strewn along the path where I met him were pieces of papers he was tearing up. I picked up one or two-they were bits of his medical diploma and other documents.

I checked him. I said, "Don't be silly! Dr. Krishna or is it Mohan?"

He glared at me. "Stop it! I am just He, Me, I, just 'I', do you hear Me!" he shouted.

"Then how the devil shall I call you without a name?" I shouted back.

"Then don't call me. Who are You anyway? I am just I, I, I, call me just that, 'I'" he screamed and started running up the path.

And to think that I had known him for twenty seven years!

I clapped and shouted, "Hey, 'I', you, there, Mr.'I', come back. Don't be rash. Don't be a fool. Come back. 'I', or they will lock you up! Or you run into dangers you know not."

'I' was completely mad. But I had to seize him first.

I began running after 'I'.

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