Friday, August 12, 2016


What can I do? The world is terrible; men are liars, greedy pigs and cruel demons. The whole world is like that. What can I do?

When you say like this, examine the implied consequences of such a statement:

a. It means that everybody is a liar. Therefore, it does not matter if I too speak lies. In fact, I have to speak lies in order to live in this world. So you have a comfortable excuse for continuing to be a liar, encouraging yourself to be a liar.

b. It means that though you are fully aware that amongst your own family and friends there are persons who do not think that the world is so bad, you refuse to recognise that you are speaking of your own world, and that you have the responsibility to change it.

Well, if everybody is a liar - you are yourself. Nobody stops you from stopping to talk lies. If everybody is greedy, nobody stops you from being a hog. Even if they do, you can at least take responsibility to improve your own conduct.

So if you say that everybody is a liar or greedy, you are printing a certificate for your own conduct. If you say that you cannot change or would not change, and in any case what is the use when the whole world is like that, it means that there is something inside you which is entirely satisfied with the miserable world; and your loud complaints hide your love of misery, because you refuse to do anything to correct at least part of the world which is YOU.  

Then there are those who say: It is all God's Will. God has made all this. It is His fault. If God had come and seen you and told in person that He has made this world and so on, then you are a wonderful fellow, and God alone can help you, and I cannot presume to argue with you.

But if you have not personally seen God or Fate then every time you say, God's Will, and why did God do this or that; it is all Fate, and so on, you are either a lunatic or a liar, and unless you give up this lie you cannot progress. You create your God just as you create your world; you make Him out of your lies, and then you make him say or do all sorts of things to countersign your pronouncements. Your God is your own image just as the world is yourself. So your God is like your other statements, a certificate for your present conduct; it does not help you to change yourself for the better, for you yourself said that the things are bad, and anything including your God who does not help you to change yourself is a creature of your imagination, your slave, not your Master, leading you.

So you are the world.

Your God is part of it.

You have to take responsibility for your world and your God.

You know you are the world.

You are its maker and breaker.

As far as you are concerned this is the fact that there is no world for you without you. What happens to the world of others when you are asleep or dead can best be left to them. For you, your world is born with you and dies with you, sleeps with you and wakes with you, and if you are eternal is eternally with you.

Your world is in a mess because you refuse to know the truth that is your world, and you do not take responsibility for your world, pretending that the world is something outside of you and your control - like the puppy dog chasing its own tail thinking that the tail is something outside of itself.

Social reformers and others tell you that you must help or modify the world.

They may be right, but for you the truth is that it is your world, and there is none and nothing outside of you, and that it is you who require re-formation, if you find something wrong with your world.

If you have no courage to take responsibility for your own world, the least you can do is not to complain.

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