Friday, July 01, 2016

The Secret Agent - SECTION – II Pages 84-86

 Distance from the Guide:

Degree of depression, remorse, anger, frustration, pessimism, need for another’s company (sex), and boredom is a measure of the distance from the Guide.

Rectify by immediately establishing contact and maintain it.  Use the strength of these to provide the stimulus and strength for contact.

 A      N

Agent The native is overwhelmed by inputs
   No fatigue and outputs and is miserable and                       fatigued and limited
No pending files
No accumulation

The World
For the Native, the world is the miserable little bit that arouses his pleasure, called interest.  It is a one way transaction with a very limited area.

In this one way affair, he takes more and more than he gives and tends to burst under its weight – physically and constantly.
The agent has unlimited interaction – extends the same courteous compassionate attention to the elements and forms and beings around him.

The native forgetting that his very breathing is a constant give and take makes net-gain as the law of his life.  Here, however, since it is not the law of the territory he occupies, the poor body ages and suffers under this particular law of its master.  The net-gain of this vampire is the net-loss of the body which is forced to be in disharmony with the world.

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