Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Secret Agent - SECTION – II Pages 75-77

 The Agent is of the Same Race as the Guide

A tiger baby was once brought up by goats.  It learnt to drink
milk, eat grass and say baa and run away at the slightest noise.

Once a tiger chasing the herd was surprised to see a tiger running along with the goats.  It caught hold of the little tiger - shook it and taking it to a pond, pushed it forward and made it see that both were of the same species.  Then by suitable cuffs and kicks it made it unlearn goat habits and customs and made it into a proper tiger.

Once an agent has seen his face in the Guide, his only task is to get rid of native habits altogether.

Also Jesus said:

Who has seen me has seen my Father.
 The Four Types when Races Mingle

Ducks - 2000,000,000
Ducks pretending hard to be Swans - 1,000,000 (Religious L’s followers)
Swans – 1000
Swan Chiefs - 1 in 100 years
King Swan - 1 in 1000 years

Till the Swan Kingdom is established.

The Dialectics of Contact with Guide

Guide and agent are one

Guide and agent are not one

Out of this arises the materialization of form suitably expressing this

The intensity and simultaneity with which the agent experience of oneness and not oneness with the guide resolves itself with the appearance in surface of a form which gives harmonious expression to this.  

The inescapable of oneness and separateness with the world has produced the present native habitat the present human body.

This is of course a mental native viewpoint for satisfying the first base of the agent.

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