Friday, June 17, 2016

The Secret Agent - SECTION – II Pages 57-59

and that getting a profit of a lakh of rupees by making the instrument speak lies is certainly good efficiency from the Native’s view point, but not from the point of view of transformation of the instrument into an instrument of Truth; and that the race which the guide does not represent this type of efficiency which the Native values and which is bringing so much ruin to the earth and so on.

The agent engages himself in any or all types of work.  Throughout all this he keeps on with his agency of transformation, as a transmitter of the Guide’s force and qualities into the instrument and he knows that all the results that come are as the Guide needs – not profit or loss as the Native judges.

In the midst of all sorts of work the agent makes his instrument express joy, compassion and oneness characteristic of his Guide – so that this bit of territory is conquered for his race.

The Agent is an agent and is always at his agency of the Guide.  The Native runs an agency according to the current market rates and conditions.

Marriage and my life insurance and deathless supramental life so I can continue same way faithfully serving you.  Whatever will your work be if I don’t get you the money for it?  How can we do it.

The Guide then says “By kicking you out at every step and shutting your mouth forcibly whenever you open it – That is my agent’s only work”.

The Guide’s Words:
Oh Lord!

Let transformation be our sole preoccupation.
Let it be also our sole occupation and let all our actions help in this work of transformation.
Awakened to the meaning of my heart
That to feel love and oneness is to live
And this the magic of our Golden Change,
Is all the Truth I need or seek, oh sage

To know that the minute you have been called to the Guide and responded to the call, you are an agent and to behave as such is the great secret.  To pretend that you have been called for preparing yourself to be an agent at some future date is the Native enemy within.  You have been called here because you are an agent, in order to make you carry out your work of agency, and not to unravel some supposed mystery of heaven and earth.  Don’t pretend you don’t follow simple and plain words – Leave pettiness to the Native.

The Greatest Secret is you are an agent here and now.  

The Native who says he is trying hard to be an agent is an enemy.  When you say ‘I’ – Remember it is the agent.  Recognise the ‘I’ used by the Native and kick him out at once.  Even this is unnecessary if the ‘I’ is firmly with the Guide.  And the Guide is a force that is self-sufficient for all the work of conquest.

The agent is an agent here and now.

Points to be Since
Sex - Its true purpose
Its present purpose
The greatest weapon which takes the agent away from Guide prayer – To become that which one prays to.

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