Monday, February 29, 2016


I remembered the place; Hari had a glimpse of it, Walker saw the queen, too; Ram, Domby and Joan had heard of it. How to get there was the question for some; how to get back there was the question for others.

"Let us plan a bit said Ram.

"Let us have a committee," said Joan.

"Or two," said Sankar.

"Yes, one headed by Walker, the other by Hari, and the rest of us can divide ourselves between the two as members; we better work out some way and compare notes," said Joan.

"Wonderful idea," I said, "But first let us see how we planned our lives till we came here and met. One or two committees would be great fun."

"What do you mean," asked Ram.

"Let us not mean, things," I said, "It will be great fun."

"Yah, I see what he means," said Walker, "I have reported on the work of some planning commissions. Not a day passed when their own personal plans went according to memo-pads, but they sat in chairs deciding the fates of nations. If things went wrong they wanted to solve it by better planning - and all the while the peoples were dragged into the perpetual corrections that had to take place. The more accurate the plan the more fun they had with contingencies.

"Of course it is fun. I keep a book myself - but I have learnt to take what I reach as my objectives, without developing ulcers measuring the degree of deviation between what I set out for and where I reached. It hasn't turned out badly for me. But man is not happy unless he is organising everybody else - ten people to grow potatoes and hundred people planning and organising them! Anyway, no harm in our having fun," Walker took out his writing pad and sat erect, very business like.

The committees were asked to summarise their findings under these headings:

1. Kingdom To Come: Available cues; Possible routes.
2. Past experience in travelling and direction finding.
3. Correlate the two and draw a plan for action.

The committees worked late into the night, at opposite ends of the hut. Then we adjourned to snatch a couple of hours sleep. 

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