Wednesday, May 25, 2011

All or None Law

See each other as fields of forces-as a person enters, with a mental knife scrape away what you don’t like
For the Autopilot to develop shock absorbersFrom morning to evening, impacts coming at you like bullets-both pleasure and pain.
Usually pain. Registering pain is considered fashionable.
You’ll see that wanting to avoid the office is already in the mind and that invites the fever. So always clear the first sign of a negative reaction before it enters and ruins the whole system.
You miss the connection between the thought in the morning-of not going to the office and the fever in the evening. Be sensitive to the first negative impact on the mind. Meet it head on-why can’t I go to the office tomorrow? That will save the gross machine.
No all or none law.
You may not go to the office but you can at least go to the compound wall.
Can’t read 50 pages. Read half a page.
Can’t wash so many dishes. Wash one!
All positive action is Joyful. The rest is thinking, fermentation and corruption which ruins your body. 

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