Friday, May 06, 2011


First exercise when waking up: Just as you open windows, fly out of the body. Then you will be free. Feeling of poison is body. Memory remnants act like constipation. Ferment and ruin the whole body.
A stone is the most reactive chemical on earth. It receives every vibration from the universe and retains nothing. It reflects, receives, transmits, refracts but never retains anything.
Remain as an electric copper wire-eternal, un-aging. It transmits many volts or few volts but never retains.
Note the difference in pilot training between usual landing and instrumental landing. Coming to, say, Bangalore. Black cloud. You know there is no mountain there so you go through and land by past experience. But when you close your eyes, instruments tell you mountain or not. But with eyes open you see a cloud and think it is a mountain. Swerving to avoid it you crash.
So in this yoga, go by instrumental landing. Adverse force use diversionary tactics. 

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