Monday, September 15, 2008


For any machine the energy /driving power is the most important element.

For the human machine, there are two types of energy.

Each time remember:
1. effective energy
2. derived delayed energy

Type 1 energy is derived from the five elements and Divine source above. This energy is always available to you.

It comes in packets of charges like bullets. All things come in packets but especially this.

One way to get this energy:
Look at the sky/Divine ➙ immediate energy.

Gita interpolates:
When we feed off Nature or the one pointed focus on the “Divine”, most of us feel “renewed”. Urdhva Mukha in Sanskrit aptly describes this (“urdhva = upward; mukha = face”)-If I remember right Surya had said this is the posture of the Gods.

Laughter, play, no guilt feelings, not a rigid formation-these are the keys. They not only act as indicators of this energy but also as conduits. By practice, (to be open at once, keep open by practice), indents form. This energy is always around you before or after birth, when ill or well, alone or in company. In some it is constitutionally present. In others it requires practice. This is the Ammunition of the first type.

This ammunition is like bullets. It lasts ¼ second. It comes, and serves the purpose. When it comes, it solves the problem (external, internal). Its solution is a complete action for that conglomeration. It will not tell you what to do tomorrow. It is packed with mechanisms and information for that second. (Comparison with army: General, soldiers, salary ammunition, etc.).
Just as a General must know where the soldier is, etc. each has a plan. You need not ask what. That wants to do.
How to call it? Just giggle. The action is complete, total. It leaves you empty. Again and again you call it.
It changes a whole field. Like a tramcar.

Type 2 energy is everything else - e.g. food. A damp squib. Not immediate. Eat, store, digest. No effective energy. So most heroes perform on short rations. The “habit” of eating. Food does not give energy. It sucks energy for digesting.
When energy 1 is in operation: it leaves no trace. No new organs are necessary. Just see what each type of energy does. Encourage the one which causes the least wear and tear.

The most powerful Gayatri is to treat the Sun as a person.

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