Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Since ‘I’ is the foundation of awareness, or at least its user or instrument, I should spend some more time in its consideration.

Many special techniques have been explored and expounded and one can find them in the libraries.

  1. Neti, Neti (not this, not this) method: Who am I? Not my leg; for a lame man never says of himself - ‘I minus my leg’; not any other part of my body or faculty. Whatever happens to my body and all its properties does not affect the personal pronoun ‘I’ as the user, owner, or used or owned referring point. What happens to this ‘I’ when I am no longer there to express it, is some other I’s headache.
  2. This - This technique - this, that and there that, all that comes to my awareness is ‘Myself’, for without ‘Me’, that and that do not exist for ‘Me’. Therefore, all this and that, there, then, now, etc. are all ‘My creation and therefore Myself. They come with ‘Me’ and go with ‘Me’.
Whatever be the method, they enlarge and enrich the personal experience and help greatly in the learning process.

When I experience the faculty of ‘I’ being independant of my body, ‘I’ begin acquiring a consciousness controlling capacity - all of which are inherent in the very apparatus of the body.

When I experience the faculty that all the world is ‘Myself’; all that is, moves around, manifests is ‘Myself’; all and everyone and everything is ‘I’ in different shapes and sizes, I feel kinship, friendliness, compassion, and liberate myself from narrowness.

A personal bodily experience of these facets, however small, is more valuable than tons of theoretical understanding and argument on these questions.

When I go on using the word ‘I’ from morning to night, and again in dream it is ‘I’ who experience something or see something and forget something, and again it is ‘I’ who say that ‘I’ slept well or ill - then it is reasonable that ‘I’ should do something about things which this ‘I’ finds unsatisfactory; and ‘I’ examination is one method, for practice, not for polemics.

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