Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Two men are sailing, each in his own row boat.

The waters become turbulent and the boats are rocking. One of the men is coming more and more to the edge of his boat, and with his oar he is trying to pat the waves and subdue them. The boat overturns and he is probably drowned.

The second man is quietly moving to the centre of the boat, and letting the boat and himself adjust to the rhythm of the waters. He is likely to survive.

On the ocean of life  we are sailing, each with his own little boat. Most of us are engaged in rushing to the edge of our craft in order to subdue the waves that are tossing us about. These risk being drowned in misery. A few move to the centre of their own being  and allow adjustments  to the rhythms before pretending to steer or row. These seem to enjoy their sailing.

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