Saturday, October 08, 2016


I cannot comprehend abstractions.

I have to make an operational formulation of this word Truth.

1. Truth is accuracy and precision.
2. Truth is appropriateness.
3. Truth about the environment means correspondence with the environment.
4. My body can register and respond as an instrument, only to those aspects to which it resonates, which are on the same wavelengths.
5. Anukampa, to vibrate with, is the Sanskrit word for compassion; and that is why Truth is equated to Compassion.
6. A truthful person is compassionate and vice-versa.
7. Truth leads to harmony.

Truth, merely as a part statement of some one aspect or other of a situation, and whose utterance leads to hate, hurt, suffering or disharmony, devoid of compassion is falsehood. To tell someone, “Excuse me, I am being frank, but you are ugly”, is one of the many variations of the disastrous behaviour of so-called professional truth speakers, a set of professional troublemakers.

Gita speaks of truth as austerity of speech - unexciting utterance, friendly, helpful.

Christ speaks of truth tempered with mercy.

 8. There are various levels of truth of one’s own being.

For the present, truth for me  represents from the point of action of speech Accuracy of report, Appropriateness to the context, Compassion, Harmony. If any of these elements is lacking, Silence is truth.

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