Tuesday, August 09, 2016


The Devil and a traveler happened to get acquainted and walk along the same road. A man walking in front of them happened to bend and pick up something from the road. He looked mighty pleased and walking off.

The traveler asked the Devil to tell him what it was that the man picked up and what was he pleased about.

“A piece of truth”, replied the Devil, “That man has picked up a piece of truth and he is enormously pleased.”

So, you will be out of job, friend Devil, for the man has found Truth,” commented the traveller.

“No, not at all! You just wait and see,” responded the Devil, “till I help him to systematise this piece of truth he has picked up!”

I have avoided any systemisation or even systematic presentation. These papers are a random collection of personal experiences, experiments and thoughts, the inspiration for which I claim no originality.

The reader is advised to test the truth or otherwise of these statements for himself.


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