Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Secret Agent - SECTION – II Pages 111-113

Membrane Principle
  1. The fish in sea water is sweet.
  2. The fish beast and bird have almost fixed semi permeable membranes.
  3. The human body provides for great variability – The Avatar transmits and receives pure love.  Man can develop differential permeability so that he can represent pure sweetness and love even being in the midst of a foul environment.

This principle of permeability is potentially the most powerful weapon an agent has.

Learning Machine
  1. Body and Child
+ve induction and love is the key
-ve induction to be avoided
Pain, Illness, Obsession, Depression, etc.

Bring in C.C.
1.  Isotation 2.  Focussing 3.  Mental Imagery 4.  Grace

Illness and back ground vibration

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