Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Secret Agent - SECTION – II Pages 81-83

 Does not the Guide know everything – why should I report

This has already been answered.  

The Guide is a force with laws of force.  Obey and report as asked and don’t argue – That is the native.  You are not here to judge or test the Guide’s capacity.

However, the sun shines everywhere.  The Guide is like that.  The Native covers himself. The agent is a portion of the sunlight ordained to penetrate to the darkest corner – like the scheme of electrification of villages – he is the local transformer and wiring and part of him has been ordained to remove the obstructionist tactics and resistances and covers of the Native who thrives in darkness.

  How to remove these obstacles asks the native.  Are you deaf or stupid – how many times you ask how.  Report – report – contact – contact – and each time you ask how – the how is the Native and his expulsion is the task.

 Energy – Knowledge – Action

This is one self contained packet.  If one is low the others are equally low.

When an action is given to you, the energy and knowledge necessary is also given to you.  If knowledge is given its necessary energy and action also are given.

Your Guide is like the Chief of an Army.

General - 100,000 men
A whole outline of the main campaign over the whole country, land, sea, etc.
Transport is necessary
Brigadier - 10,000
Outline of campaign for one district
Things necessary
Lieutenant - 60 men
Map of one bridge or village to be captured

Soldier - Himself
One year
One check post to be guarded

If the General were to bother himself about the one village check post, he gets lost in details.  He will, however, come to know of it if it has become vitally important for the whole campaign.

However in the final, the General can expect to receive even the minutest information, if he calls for it.  He can also communicate directly with any point or person.  He is not under obligation to give out any information.  Imagine an Army where the Solider wants to know about the operational details of the whole campaign – though he may know main objective.

Here reporting from below is compulsory.  

Get information from above is at the Top discretion.

Information That Comes Spontaneously
Occasionally information may come in the form of dream etc.  It should be treated the same as any information that comes from the usual sources.

Report back to Guide.

Express compassion and oneness and expose the area concerned to the influence (mental or physical) of the Guide.

Do not boast of prophetic knowledge, as is the native custom.

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