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The Secret Agent - SECTION – II Pages 51-53

Time and Space
We have already seen the power of concentration – the narrowing of the focus of force and its power of organisation.

If the universe of energy is E and in manifestation each unit is a bit of time and space then the following can be seen.

Example:   Total Energy is E
Unit F1 = E
 t1  s1 (a bit of time and space)

Unit 2 F2 = E
        t2  s2  
and so on.

Span of attention is what decides the size of time and space.

Thus the amount of E available for unit is dependant on the amount of time and space covered.  As t and s become bigger, the amount of E becomes smaller.  As t and s become less portion taken from E becomes larger.

As t and s become nearer zero, the E is almost the strength of the whole universal force.
        ------   → E    as      t1  s1     →    o
         t1  s1
The Native always because of greed and anxiety about future and so on and lack of trust in others has his attention over a wide range of time and space and therefore the amount of E available for him is very limited.

The agent is always concentrated on the immediate second of time and space and hence the strength of his action is considerable.  The Native is like a torch light wanting to light the whole world.  The agent is like a search light on every point of time or space he chooses or comes to his notice.  

The Native is always Not Now – not here.  The agent is always here and now.
That is why the name of spirituality and so on the Native is always talking too much about future life, past sins, heaven and hell and so on and is always falling into pits for his eyes are always somewhere else.

The agent has no use for such talk and he is always engaged in doing the right thing here and how.  He never uses such phrases as I shall devote myself to Service of the Divine after I have finished my worldly duties etc, thus the arrogant Native acts as if he, the Native has decided that the Divine has no control over the world here and now and can be permitted to come into the picture after the Native has given up the body.  All the while the Native shouts the praises of the Divine – all knowing, all powerful, without whom nothing moves.  The Native does not hold himself responsible for this gross contradiction in his views and its consequences for himself and his body.

The native is always asserting that he is sincere and others are not.  He has no clear idea of sincerity excepting in a way profitable for his domination.  That is the way he deals with many words like God, truth, etc.

For the agent sincerity means the practical task of bringing his beliefs and actions closer and closer.  For the Native beliefs are like his dress – one for the morning, one for the club and so on.  The agent is not interested in judging others sincerity.

For the Native truth, like sincerity is a word for endless discussion and confusion.

For the agent truth is all thought, speech and action that helps the transformation of his territory in the light of the Guide.

Desire to Dominate:
This is the most formidable of the Native’s character – to modify, transform, reform everybody else.  This desire to dominate takes many shapes.   If he cannot dominate by strength, he dominates by weakness.  If he cannot command attention, he commands it by becoming ill and attracting as much sympathy as possible.

The agent’s only desire is to transform the territory assigned to him.

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