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The Secret Agent - SECTION – II Pages 48-50

Personality or Personalities
1.  The diagram of the magnet has shown that a force has a field and this field has a latent form and under some conditions it can obtain material to show it to the average human eye.
2.  Every energy or force has a field of power or action and a form.
3. We can then speak of these forces as personality – since a personality has power, field of action and form and degrees of interaction with other personalities or forces.

Let us examine the territory called ‘Man’.  In actual reality this territory can be seen as follows:
    1. A visible body
    2. A heat body (An infrared photograph shows this -
    3. A magnetic body
    4. An electrical field body
    5. A sound body and so on

With capacity to be influenced by other bodies of same plane.  Moreover while the average person thinks he is acting in a way because of what X or Y has said or done, his actions are the result of many different forces issuing and invading him from the environment.   
The mental being or the Native forgets this complexity and believes that he and the habits he imposes on the body are the only person and he dominates and stifles the rest, or does not need to use them or is misguided by them.  The essentially constricted nature of the Native prevents the expression and integration of these different personalities which, however, clamour for expression.

Therefore, the Native’s body has many clamouring personalities inside and the body suffers with this constant inner commotion and conflict.

The Agent, however, by virtue of his compassion and wideness recognises their existence and permits an integral expression of the whole territory.

The Native’s ‘I’ as a person is constricted and limited.

The Agent’s ‘I’ is as wide as the world, since the body has already an apparatus that can express and communicate with so many different energies of the universe – from the grossest to the subtlest – the highest being compassion – Anukampa.

True and total integration of personality can only take place only when the Agent is fully in charge.

It is only then it would be seen that the person is not just the visible body – but a much wider being with a huge field of force and interaction.

The guide’s instruction is not to deal with one another as person – but each one as fields of forces and instead of calling each other good or bad, train the mental base and body to interact with this field in the best manner suited to express the Master nature.


A recognition by the Agent of his status as an Agent of the guide and his constant presence at the listening post and constant engagement in the task of transforming the territory for occupation is automatic protection.

It is the native who seeks protection for he is often absent from the C.C. and is going his own way and goals and his idea of protection is asking for support in his greedy activities.

It is like a sailor who has been asked to be at the C.C. of his ship and let the automatic pilot act and told also that his job is only to guard and keep the approaches clean and told that the first aim is to enjoy sailing, he were to get enamoured of some island or other and leave the C.C. and set out on his own voyage and when in danger complain that he has lost contact and shout for help.  Even so the C.C. might be able to help, if the goal corrected and correct alignment made.

See the guide’s note.

On the path of transformation, in the task of transformation all work encountered is protected by the Guide.  A complaint of lack of protection is from the Native who wishes to test the Guide to see if the Guide is really powerful enough and so on.  

The Agent engaged in his task is protected and his task is not to be absent from the L.P.  The Native has his own goals and faces the results at the expense of the body.

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