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The Secret Agent - SECTION – II Pages 36-38

It is the Banyan tree’s nature to seek water necessary for itself. So too it is the agent’s nature to be compassionate and joyous and he seeks it and expresses it under all conditions.  This is his existence and expression of his existence and the very food of his being.

I Native
The agent’s I is – joy I am joy
Native’s I I am joyful, will be joyful (always I grabbing something
not being something)
The agent’s I is – Compassion I am compassion
not I will be merciful
The agent’s I is – oneness Not I am the world
Not I serve the world
The agent is always at   Not I serve my Master
the Master’s door I will sacrifice myself etc

It is the agent’s task to see that the Native I is exposed and transformed and its ruinous, vampiristic tyranny over the earth including the body is replaced.
Each race and Each race and formation has one idea to express
– Rootlets seek water
– M.Being expresses separateness
– S.M. race expresses compassion

Transcriber’s Note: M might refer to Mental and S M to Supra Mental
The body is equipped to receive and react to the different energies of the universe.  From a portion of universal energies it evolves and exists by transactions with this universe and has therefore all the equipment necessary for such transaction.

The universe is Sabdabramha – a set of vibrations of different wave lengths from 0 -.  From the grossest to the most subtle.


In average conditions the body is equipped to receive and interpret in words – certain wavelengths – visible light, sound and so on.

It can receive and experience quite a bit more.

It can receive and react to more without any sense of experience either.  Anyway it is made out of bits of the universe – but has the whole universe impinging on it.  Moreover though native pretends to know the whole universe he knows only that portion that he can apprehend by his sense organs and brain etc.  Even here for instance a dog can see or receive light and sound waves which man cannot.

Therefore at a given moment mental man has access to an extremely limited area.

Even in this limited area his sense organs do not act to their full potential – the eye, ear etc do not see or hear etc all that can be seen or heard.  These organs are trained according to the needs of the mental man and his collective ego.  There is no pure seeing or hearing.

If a hungry man and a well fed man walk on the same road and each of them is asked to tell what they have seen – the first mentions hotels mostly and the other something else though each walked the same way.

Written in the margin: Example of perceiving as insult
not perceiving as such
agent’s first task is to
liberate himself from
the perceptual web of
the Native spiders
Without going into much detail one can note that the senses are not impartial or unbiased reporters.  They report what is necessary or what pleases the mental being and his moods and therefore though they appear to serve faithfully they constantly deceive in all honesty.  They are not honest reporters – their loyalty is not to truth, but to the Master who has trained them.  However, by themselves, like the body to which they belong, they are neutral and have no preferences.

The native trains and uses the senses for the purpose of the limited enjoyment of his separative ‘I’.  Hence the senses are only partially used.

The agent trains and uses the senses for a wide enjoyment of the universe.  In fact the agent need not do anything special except transform the ‘I’ function to liberate the senses from their limitation.

The native misleads himself and others saying ‘I am a poor helpless human being bound by the need of my body and senses – I am a sense–bound ego’.  This is perfect nonsense taught by material scientists and maintained by the servants of the enemy.  The true word is ego-bound body and ego-bound senses -  senses go where the ego directs.

The agent must remember again and again that the body which is capable of expressing a lot more is unable to do so because of the present native.

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