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The Secret Agent - SECTION – II Pages 42-44

Motor Skills – The same principles apply

Emotions  Negative and positive:
Sex – possession of object Oneness

The Gita mentions Daiva and Asura qualities.

The Native always gives the external world as the cause for his emotional state.

For his anger, depression and so on the Native always finds some excuse or other.  A little meditation shows that the external world is neutral.  

  1. The same conditions do not produce anger in different bodies
  2. The same conditions do not produce anger in the same person when they occur at different times.  A man has just had bad news – someone calls him a fool.  He will hit him.  
The same man had just won a huge lottery.  Someone calls him a fool.  He may not get so angry – he may even laugh.
  1. The same insulting words uttered by different persons do not produce the same reaction of anger.  By friend or enemy.

With this type of meditative discrimination it can be seen that these reactions are not essential response to the environment, but depend on the meanings given by the native and the tyranny he imposes on the body which is capable of expressing joy at most times.
The agent Knows:

  1. The body is neutral It can express misery
It can express joy

  1. The world is neutral - It is neither miserable nor happy
It is the Native who gives the significance

  1. The agent’s quality is unconditioned joy and oneness

  1. The natives quality is conditioned happiness and separation and hence his so-called joy is a transient bubble of laughter in an ocean of misery created by himself.

  1. He trains to make the body express joy and oneness at all times.

  1. He is also aware that anger, emotion and sex represent independent entities which use the native, in order that they might get the food necessary for survival from the quarrels and tears and so on.  That is why a sense of great weakness and debility accompanies or follows these emotions.

  1. When the words ‘I’ am angry or depressed because of something are used – The agent knows that the Native is in charge of his body.

Reward and Punishment
The native uses the stimuli of reward and punishment in training the body.  Because he himself looks at the world only in so far as it means profit or loss, pleasure or pain, etc. for me, not for me, he has for centuries trained the body to react to these stimuli.  Native professors with large books aided by so called scientific experiment to show that that is the natural law of the body from childhood this is infused – first classes, sweetmeats, prizes, lashes, disapproval and so on.

He tortures hundreds of animals to respond to reward and punishment and then publishes books to show that the miserable merchants’ tyranny he imposes on them is the sole universal law of learning, when there are a million other ways available to utilise.

The body is capable of learning many things without the carrot or the whip.   Learning is inherent in its make up.  But by a system of reward or punishment which the native needs, he has selectively imposed on the body this method of learning for the body.  He also imposes it on the animals he trains and publishes bound volumes of scientific books on learning.

Joy in existence is the very law of being of the Agent and patiently and firmly encourages the body to work and learn under all circumstances.  In fact once this joy in existence becomes the master, the body flowers out to its full potentiality without much bruising.

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