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The Secret Agent - SECTION – II Pages 39-41

It is worthwhile to remember and experience the reciprocal relationships between perception and motivation and behaviour.  If one remembers the patterning property of the brain this will become clear.  (Already within a few years of birth the brain is indoctrinated by the parents etc to form some strong chain of switches for patterns of behaviour).

Let us take a vegetarian child + in relation to food –
Vegetarian food – eat – see – name of food – like it – praised – all vegetarians good – be friend

Meat – see – meat – disgust - punished – all non-vegetarians bad – don’t be friendly.

Show a plate of raw meat to a pure Brahmin while taking his food and see what happens in his stomach.

Ask a vegetarian and a non-vegetarian to walk through a town and afterwards ask them to name all the hotels in the town – don’t tell them before hand.  You will note that the eyes and legs are drawn like a magnet to the respective points of like and dislike and are blind to the rest.

So perception becomes not only highly selective, but once the perceptual network is formed, it becomes the universe in which the person moves.  The relation between the person and his perceptual field is like the relation between the spider and its web.  The web is created by the spider and the spider is bound by the web it creates.  When a person sees something – it is like the spider’s thread of web – he moves along it.  Some with sound and so on.

In man the web is organised by the essential nature of the physical body but by the spider called the ‘personal eye’ and making the body helplessly move in this limited web he blames the body.
Take an example of this limitation:
A sorrowful man or a lover goes to a forest.  The forest and its beauty and secrets and meaning are closed to both – Each sees, hears or describes the web of perceptions directed by the sorrow or passion of the Native.
Only if the agent is in charge the forest by itself becomes a total reality of infinite meaning and enjoyment.

The same pattering property of the brain can be used to liberate the senses.

Take 3 people in a room arguing fiercely about something.  Each of them is aware only of the other person.  Out of that each hears only what is of interest to him.  The air in the room, the furniture  etc do not concern them – they fight with each other as if they were separate beings with separate permanent interests.  Now if someone were to pump out all the air out of the room, all argument goes and all of them cease to exist.  It is easy to see in a minute that they are all but one manifestation of the being called air and that their stupid personal quarrel has little interest for the cosmos.  They are caught in the web of perception of the making of the separative ‘I’.

The agent does not quarrel – He is aware of the oneness of which they are all an expression and enjoys the humour and is more effective.  The perceptually limited makes the body easily exhausted – because he gets energy only from what the web offers.  The agent is open to a wider field of energy because he feels and trains himself to act as the representative form of higher and higher energies.

Note in margin: Depending on the patterning property of the brain slowly within a few years of birth the child’s brain is indoctrinated with the Native’s view of the world. Take a child. He is beaten for not speaking truth. He is also thrashed for speaking inconvenient truths. It is this falsity which is sold as objectivity.

See the Master’s saying from Veda

I am Vayu, I am Surya, I am Agni and so on.  
So the agent steadily trains his body to perceive its relation to the cosmic harmonies – and this perceptual link like an electric wire puts him in touch with these energies with which he feels concrete love and oneness.  

That is the meaning of the prayer and gratitude to the Godheads of the elements – just to feel the oneness and love with them – not like the Native for whom these huge elements are articles for personal enjoyment.  He thinks he is mastering the elements, by more and more constriction and ransoming of his personal vision which he calls knowledge.  A scientist once said that a scientist is one who knows more and more about less and less.  No wonder the Native’s capacity for enjoyment becomes less and less as his so-called mastery of nature grows – Today the index of civilisation is the number of hospitals and mental hospitals which are rapidly growing in number.

Only the agent can rescue the human body from this bondage.  He does not allow the mental part to speak of mastery of nature.  He trains it to perceive the loving oneness with the cosmic forces and they at one sustain him and give all the wider knowledge necessary.

The agent must train the appendages of perception from the bondage of the native.

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