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The Secret Agent - SECTION – II The Concept of Occupation: Or Successive Manifestation

            This is inherent and explicit in the coming and teaching of all guides.

                        The concept of Avatars – as successive descent of forces for new terrestrial manifestation – the ten Avatars of different form.  Each Avatar’s coming also denoted not only the coming of a new form but global changes in matter preparatory for the final emergence of the form.

                        Later guides spoke of this more and more explicitly – of another subtle world from which they have come as messengers and the preparation for the descent of that race into material form on earth.

                        Christ – “Thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven”.
                        Islam  and Christianity –The day of judgement and the coming of the new race.
                        Sufi – Tradition.

                        Sri Aurobindo – Mother’s announcement that this descent is on the map here and now and the need for preparation for this descent and the task and the methods for agents and all those who wish to collaborate.

                        Many novels regarding this aspect.                       
There has been and still is open hostility of the forces presently in occupation.  But most often the method of these forces has been subtle falsification of the role and teaching of guides – that they have come to bolster up the existing law of being, causing a subtle misdirection of purpose.  That is why the repeated statement of Mother – that the coming of the new being and preparation for it as the central issue for spirituality – not philanthropy and so on.

Force and Form – An example
                        Without going into details of basic nature of matter and energy, the following example may be considered:-

                        A hidden magnet cannot be seen.
                        Its subtle form cannot be seen.
                        But it attracts iron filings and organises them into a material form.
                        So a force has latent or occult form which is known as its field.
                        The force tends to invade and arrange matter.
                        This material form further extends the field of force.
                        E.g. One piece of iron lying by the side of another magnet tends to magnetise it.
                        Subtle forms of energy can influence or abolish the effect of lower forms.  Electric filed vs. Magnetic field.

(a)  The Mental Surface
                        An agent must necessarily understand the strong and weak points of the base he lands in, in order to refashion it for `occupation’.  He must also remember that in the present creation the dialectic law still holds.  The greatest strength conceals the greatest weakness.  This must be taken advantage of.

                        The mental base is the greatest strength of the present being.  It was built on the basis of a separative I.  This separative I cannot hold all the force and strength it acquires – it is too small for the things it acquires and it tends to beak under the weight of its own conquests – It tends to destroy itself and its acquisition – till a new form appears.

                        Thus the mental base is the weapon.

                        Its base and greatest strength is the ‘I’ness, which is also its self-destroying weakness.

                        The agents’ task is to be aware of this and transform the ‘I’ness at every step and moment, ceaselessly by offering it to the guide or communication centre which has the force and equipment necessary for this.

                        Therefore, while mere modification or softening of the ‘I’ness is probably enough for the native, getting over the ‘I’ness altogether by all available methods is the central task of the agent.  Pampering the ‘I’ness in one form or another, one excuse or another is an enemy strategy and cannot be excusable in an agent of the guide.

(b)  The mechanics of the strength of the mental base
                        The dialectic of its weakness has been mentioned.

                        The capacity to learn and the equipment necessary for it is the main strength of the mental base.

                        The agent should acquaint himself with the laws of learning – Better still the agent should train the mental base to actually experience the laws of learning and communication and apply them in practise.

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