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The Secret Agent - SECTION – I THE AGENT - Contd

L.  Mental Surface
                        Knowing the methods of training the body and mind is valuable, but to the agent that unceasingly is at the listening post and obeys all necessary action automatically follows.  It is the agent in whom the mental surface is dominant and in whom this part has been for long indoctrinated by contact with the natives, that requires to be alert.  That part of it which knows itself to be an agent should gradually master the situation.  In fact it is this mental surface of contact which is unavoidable for the present stage of the war conquest that had made it necessary for guides and guide books and so on.

M.  The Agent is Always Pro, Never Anti
                        As against pseudo-agents, the agent is always pro-Something or better still, he trains his mental surface to secure something positive for the transformation of the base.  This is his main task and does not forget it.  He does not allow his mental surface to get clogged with fighting against Something or other.  This fighting against Something or other is a native custom.  The agent is always growing with, not against.  Like his venerable fore-runner the banyan tree whose rootlets only seek traces of water, and yet if a rock splits it is not its fault or active intention.

N. The Use of the Word of Reference `I’
                        As per local usage, the agent has to use the word – I – for self referral.  The natives cannot exist without this word and all it means.  I, mine, me, belongs to me, does not belong to me, I and the world emphasising the Separateness. Without Separateness and status they don’t exist.  No thought or action proceeds without this reference to `I’, and what everything means to this I.  The world is meaningful and exists for the satisfaction or gratification of this ‘I’.  Mental man is extinct without this I.

                        The tiger kills or eats because it is hungry – hunger is satisfied.  It does not perhaps kill a hundred deer for me, and for Me, and for My next year’s hunger and for my children’s hunger ten years later.  Man’s I has hunger in all the three tenses, and wholesale plunder is the result.
                        The agent has no need of `I’ except for the purpose of minimum of contact with the area and purpose of his mission.

Blogger's Note: Some pages are torn and old and I have yet to resolve some discrepancies between an electronic copy a student of Dr. Surya sent me, another much older electronic copy in a very ancient format and the actual manuscript.

with the natives such constant action, and he trains the mental surface to participate in necessary action without the constantly wanting to know what it is going to get out of it.
Whenever the native says ‘I’ am self-less in imitation of the Guides, he means he is speaking for the collective ‘I’ of man’s Collective greed, and he is willing to share some of his loot. It does not take away the quality of greed.
To train the mental surface to subtle differences in the use of ‘I’ and its implications is an important task, almost the first one. Here too, attendance at the listening post helps, say the guides. The ‘I’ is the subtlest weapon of the enemy with which the mastery of mental man is achieved and defended. It succeeds in thwarting the invasion by pretending to surrender. But its surrender always means openly sharing a bit with the collective but actually inflating itself in the bargain. The one radical method is to send it back to the listening post whenever it shows its head. The guides call it Kamarupi, the being of many shapes.
Sex. On of the most intractable and formidable obstacles raised by the mental surface in its contact with the natives is its involvement with sex. By formidable tricks the natives have thwarted the guides and their agents by forcing sex, and sex symbolism on their so-called gods and goddesses, and play on words like Prakriti and Purusha.
Sex is a must for the present man and his perpetuation and the power of sex is formidable.


                        The agent must convince the mental surface that it is not a question of right or wrong, moral or immoral, essential or inessential, but that the agent or the race he represents has no interest in it – that sex is not a means of gratification or creation for his race.  The guides illustrate it by their lives and words.

                        However, here again, the method of training the first base is not mainly by struggle, but by discouraging mental support and by the infallible means of directing the love and loyalty to the race and its Chief and nothing else.  If frankly appraised, the listening post takes the necessary action.

                        Radical transformation of the territory is the goal rather than its modification to suit native tastes.

P.  Natives Aspiring to be Better and Agents Who Frankly Recognise Themselves as such
                        The agent’s instructions do not apply to aspiring natives who see no need for any new race – but wish merely for modification of the destructive impulses of their race.  Superficially their talk and action may confuse the unwary agent and any such agent will be spreading confusion if he preaches or professes to impart the instructions meant for himself alone.

Q. Everyone may have an agent concealed in him.  There is no need for any one agent to discover this.  Meetings and discoveries happen as ordained by the Power and its Needs.

R.  Hierarchy of agents
                        This may or may not be evident.  Its ordering is solely the concern of the Chief.  It is the characteristic of the agent and his race that this question does not bother him.  It is the mental surface that whispers – how important are you?  Who is above and below?

S.  The need to understand
                        The need to understand, mostly in words, is the character of the native.  It is simply trying to reduce all fresh experience to words and feelings one already knows.  It is the greatest block to fresh experience.  This need to understand is also coupled with the need to make others understand.  This perpetual need to stand under the shade of the past expresses itself in many ways.

                        The agent’s mental base must avoid this trap and remember that his task is not to understand or be understood but BE and BECOME – To transform for occupation the base given. 

T. Similar is the so-called need to love and be loved.  This is the native’s word for to approve and be approved. With reference to the personal separate I.  The agent represents the vibration of love or compassion without any reference to a personal pronoun and being love in action and being it has no need for a limited possessive concept.  Here again, it is the mental base that falls into the trap and confuses the need for love as love.

U.  The need to judge
                        The mental base is tainted with this need to judge everything according to some standard or other.  This is the trap that wastes a lot of energy that should go to the work of transformation.

                        The fake-agents make much use of this.  They pretend to use the guide’s language and criteria for deciding on the merits or demerits of others and even prescribe punishment or reward for so-called spiritual or moral uplift.

                        The guide and agent have nothing to do with judgement for perpetuating mental man’s dominance.  The task is to conquer and bring into occupation a race that represents an imperative law that overrides and replaces the mental law of the locals which is designed to bolster up the rule of man.  The mental man repeatedly promises to modify or reform the law or value system – but no being will even make a law or value system that negates the very basis of that being.  The law of the mental being is ‘I’ against the world or at best I and the world.  I AM THE WORLD is the nearest way a native can express the law of being characteristic of the agents’ race.

V.  The desire to be an agent
                        A strong desire to be an agent at once alerts the system that one is not an agent – or at best only a very distorted agent.  The strong desire to be something is the mental base and there is no harm if the desire becomes an aspiration to quietly obey the guide till matters become clear by themselves.  Don’t try to be an agent.

W.  Unquestioning obedience to the guide without too much concern for the comforts or doubts of the mental base is the nature of the true agent.

X.  The need for human companionship is the nature of the mental base.  The only company the agent seeks and requires is the guide.  The agent has not been sent for promoting or breaking friendships.  The agent has no friend or enemy.  His nature is compassion – his task is to transform the base as a suitable instrument for expressing compassion.

Y.  The agent must rapidly become aware of the mental base of his operations – its history and predictions and set this in order to gain firm control.  The mental base is his first instrument of contact with the local forces.   It is a weapon forged by them and hence it can and does betray and thwart the agent.  Instead of being transformed, it can manipulate the agents’ actions to the advantage of the native host.  It often pretends to yield or surrender.  It raises honest doubts and such other tricks to trip the agent.  A firm commitment to the guide is the only method of gaining control of this first weapon and base.

Z.  There is no agent without a guide or chief of operations.

The agent and the guide have no body and no death.  It is the mental base that suffers the illusion.

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