Wednesday, January 30, 2013


There is no observer or observed. Only observation. The observer is the observed. The word “I” according to this is only the historical narrator-a very biased narrator. So all these narrators enter into mutual conflict. Very potent or only burden on body-the stupid parasitic commentator.
Become the whole tree, then the branch, then the leaf-relaxedly-no tension.
As soon as you say “I” and take responsibility, You=God.
The whole evolution was to create “I”. Ahamkara-I as separate from world-great revelation-revealing itself unfolding
That which is within gradually unfolds.
Upadrishta, anumanta, etc.
1. I=witness (born with you) (already a man in this state is one in a million)
2. Anumanta (anger is arising within me…)- a centre, next stage of function-you do this or you don’t
3. Bhokta bhakta-enjoy work which pleases the ego or enjoyment inborn till this stage –life is Vedic nights. 
4. Ishwara-action in boiling milk in his home has global meaning-Rama killing Ravana for Sita

Every action has stimulus, reaction (rate at which stimulus is applied)
5. Parameshwara- whatever you do has global meaning=Akash


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