Saturday, August 20, 2011


You are not a rigid body. Perceptions. Different inputs. Inside, separate again-then you have the “reality” of a tree (say). A dog sees another thing. Colour blind people, people with right brain lesion. Sometimes a man is convinced his right arm is in another room! So how are you a whole connected body?!
So if you want to escape ills-see reality as it is. Today, become aware of and constantly use faculties. Once you sincerely do this (without lapsing into stupid habits of speech, etc.)…
The will is not rigid. Both living channels of energy. A heavy sense of something wrong binds the head. Guilt, shame, remorse…
Act continuously. But do not say: “From tomorrow, I will do /not do something”. “Tomorrow” is an extension of the dead past.
Acting with lightening rapidity=Godhead. 
Continuous action is Divine. Action lights up the face.
7-8 planes-emanations.
5 fingers
1. Laugh with the Lord.2. You are not a rigid body.3. No guilt =should have/not have done something.4. Play with the Lord.5. Practices
Alipore Jail-see comfort-discomfort. Add 1 element.
Make new rooms everyday. 
Introduce laughter one second at a time. No fight.

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