Friday, May 27, 2011

No cause or numerous causes which result in impact.
So see, hear feel, etc. what the impact is, not why it is. See what it is preventing you from doing and make corrections in your behaviour. See what it is, not why it is.If the impact is too big, if a meteor falls into your house, enlarge the background. If you have a little headache, think that the house has a headache or put a tablecloth and flower pot on the obstacle. Put it to use to express some positive movement.
Speed of movement. You better move so fast you are not in the same position even for a second. Then, even if the impact comes, it has nothing to fall on. Your surface has changed.
Practice constantly changing your location.Make impacts universal.

Be breathed.See yourself as anotherIf you have leg pain, look at it as if it belongs to another.
When an impact enters, divert it. Neutralise it. By creative interaction convert into pleasurable.

Like on a blackboard, imagine impacts and deal with them. Stiffness in leg? See yourself walking , flying. 

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