Thursday, April 28, 2011


The way is for the man. Man is not for the way.
Only new sensations-no diseases-take medicines, also, not to get rid of but to add a vibration of comfort.
Millions of sensations flowing into the body.
One should not scold the instrument for speaking a new truth.
Don’t reject-add something new to it. 
If you begin rejecting, it becomes bigger.
It is like getting a letter-you have to receive it. 
Rejecting a sensation is like rejecting the brain. 
Each sensation is one aspect of some truth that is coming to you. Do not reject it.
Like a letter.
Say to it: “What is it you are trying to tell me? Nice…nice…”
Each sensation is a message and must be treated with inquisitiveness, courtesy.
Rejecting it is like kicking a radio for doing its job!
The world’s sensations, sufferings, more and more will come to us and the strength to bear will increase.
That is why the body is called a warrior.
The nerves, each nerve entry, are the world’s postboxes. The brain is the central post office.
Anything that enters-don’t shiver and if the reception is polite and welcoming, it will be answered by the Master inside. 
This machine was made for the world-rep of the Divine.

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